miR-140 and Osteoarthritis


SnCC Senescent Chondrocytes

IAJ Intra Articular Injection

SASP Senescence Associated Secretory Phenotype

AC Articular Cartilage

E-OA Experimental OsteoArthritis

Stains for human knee cartilage H&E and Safranin-O stains

Modified Mankin score Scores of Cartilage erosion, chondrocyte periphery staining, spatial arrangement of chondrocytes, background staining intensity

OA OsteoArthritis

Normal-AC low gene expressions of: p16INK4a,p21, p53

ML-OA Middle to Late stage OsteoArthritis

High expression Phospho-histone H2AX Ser139 (yH2AX)

Percent cells G0/G1 vs G2/M higher % G0/G1 in OA

SA-BGal Senescence Assoc Beta Galactosidase

Higher in OA SA-BGal cells, level of SA-BGal, expression p16INK4a, p21, p53

MMP13 Matrix Metalloproteinase 13

ADAMTS5 A Disintegrin and Metalloproteinase with Thrombospondin Motifs 5

COL2 Collagen type II

ECM ExtraCellular Matrix

ACAN Aggrecan

Senescence Induction 24-h 5ng/mL interleukin-1B treatment, followed by 48h induction in fresh media

FGF2 Fibroblast Growth Factor 2

SCR Somatic Cell Reprogramming

ACLT Anterior Cruciate Ligament Transection

DMM Destabilization of Medial Meniscus

Cy5-labele Cyanine-5 dye labels

Antagomir / Blockmir / Anti-miRs Anti miRNAs

Osteophyte bony spur/projection assoc. With degeneration of cartilage at joints

Exostosis formation of new bone on surface of normal bone

Atelocollagen Collagen substitute derived by removing N- and C-terminal peptide to make it low-immunogenic for humans. Used as bone cartilage substitude, wound-healing.

scAAV Self complementary adeno-associated Virus

SF Synovial Fibroblast

Arthroplasty Surgical reconstruction or replacement of joint

DMEM Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle Medium

Intraperitoneal injection injection of substance into peritoneum (body cavity), more for animals than human

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