Meteor Web Framework - Why I can't use it yet

  1. Spent about 10 hours playing with Meteor http://www.meteor.com/
  2. Web-app goal: Searching http://500px.com and http://instagr.am for interesting photos
  3. 1st iteration: Using node.js + express + connect-auth to search
  4. 2nd iteration: Trying to use Meteor to implement #3 above. Bump into a few obstacles and realised that Meteor use case is different. — Meteor is designed from the ground up to have a very tight integration between client/server stack (which is very good in some cases).

— hence no REST end points implementation (is it coming? not sure… can’t see it on Github issue tracker), refer how-should-i-run-a-rest-api-with-meteor ---- Meteor.call() defines an entry point on the server which the client can call, however this is not REST-based.

— This means my native iPhone / Android app will have issues calling the server side end points

  1. For now I’ll go back to the Express land and implement my REST end points there, waiting for meteor to have REST end point,

and wondering when Node.js can hot-push code into the browser (save me from refreshing the browser manually)

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